Dual-Function Vacuum Pistol Penis Pump

500.00 د.إ

How to use

  1. Slide your penis through the TPR ring and make sure it is a seal tight that the air can’t flow easily into the cylinder.
  2. Grip the handle and press to suck the air out of the cylinder
  3. Press the top release valve and let the air into the cylinder.
  4. The device can be easily utilized, first fill the water into the cylinder, and then slide the genital organ into the cylinder, when you press the pistol water will flow into the pistol container.


Buy Dual-Function Vacuum Pistol Penis Pump

This penis pump is a tested penis enlargement device, it can assist you to achieve penis growth. Not only it is a highly recommended effective way of enhancing your sexual performance. It’s also a great sex toy for you to enjoy with your partner.

The pistol Pump has a Pistol grip trigger with a supple noduled internal Senso sleeve. The Senso sleeve is a stretchy rubber tool with bumps on it for extra stimulation. Safe for pleasure. Made using phthalate non-toxic materials hose, ABS plastic cylinder pump.


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