CokeLife Personal Lubricant 60g

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  1. Made of 100% pure plant and herbal extracts
  2. Quickly penetrates the vaginal skin
  3. Increase vaginal secretions
  4. Lubricate the vaginal skin
  5. Boost performance and stamina
  6. Suitable for all skin types
  7. No side effects
  8. Transparent and refreshing
  9. Can fulfill the women that lack secretions
  10. Improve your entire sexual life


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CokeLife Personal Lubricant is a water-based lubricant for vaginal application, intended to moisturize, and enhance the comfort of intimate sexual activity. It supplements the body’s natural lubrication. CokeLife Personal Lubricant is a female sex enhancement formula to reduce the symptoms of low sex drive. Its fast-acting formula and herbal extracts are proven to give the desired results. It quickly penetrates to strengthen vaginal muscles and also promotes vaginal secretions. Make your vagina horny wet and from your partner get multiple orgasms.

Usage: –

Wash the genital area and apply a small amount using the forefinger in a circular motion until it is absorbed completely.


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