Lida Plus Slimming Capsule

200.00 د.إ


100% effective weight loss supplement

Speed up fat metabolism

Promoting satiety

Controlling the fat intake effectively

Control Appetite and Burn Belly Fat

Smoothing the intestines to relax the bowels

Cleaning the intestines system

100% herbal, and free of side effects

No harm, no diarrhea, no rebound

Slim any part you want.


DaiDaihua Extract

Cassia Seed

Mulberry Leaf Extract

Medicinal starch



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Lida Plus Slimming Capsule is an effective weight loss pill. It is a highly effective weight loss product and helps you lose weight. You can look better with the most effective slimming product. You have to not worry about having a serious health problem. Lida is made up of, cassia seed extract, mulberry extract, and medical amylum.

Taking one pill will help you burn fat while boosting your metabolism. Additionally, it’s easy to use without any side effects or interactions with other medications. On the other hand, this product is an easy-to-use and gives the advantage of a single pill that does not require bad-taste beverages. It is a powerful formula, approved by health agencies. Therefore, proved to be no side effects.


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