Eros Delay Gel For Men 3 in 1 Sexual Excitement 50g

125.00 د.إ

Benefits: –

100% Original

Smooth and Silky Feel

Big Size

Sexual Excitement

Reduce Male Sensitivity

It Will Give Longer Pleasure

Prolongs the duration of sexual intercourse

Increase sexual stamina and ejaculation



Buy Eros Delay Gel for Men 3 in 1 Sexual Excitement 50g

Eros delay Cream is formulated to prolong sexual pleasure. It is made with Advanced Formula and high-Quality Formula.100% natural herbal penis enlargement cream for Smoothness, Higher Stamina, and Extra Time Prolong Pleasure is Needed by those who have difficulty achieving sexual satisfaction because of premature ejaculation.

How To Use: –

Apply in a thin layer to the top of the penis half an hour before intercourse.


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