48 hours Gold Ginseng Chocolate 16g

200.00 د.إ


  •    Get the effective results of intercourse
  •    Boost your stamina
  •    Enhance the timing
  •    It boosts physical and emotional pleasure
  •    Boost your stamina for safe intercourse
  •    100% organic and natural

•    No side effects



Buy 48 hours Gold Ginseng Chocolate 16g

48 hours Gold Ginseng Chocolate is perfect for women who want to take the pleasure of intercourse fully. It boosts your stamina and makes you ready for sexual activity with pleasure. The sexual troubles in women are caused due to stress, anxiety and depression. Women who have any trouble during intercourse  use 48 hours of Gold Ginseng Lady Chocolate and get effective results! It gives you more energy and reduces your stress.

Take one piece daily with coffee or tea and make your bed-partner happy. Don’t take the dose without your physician’s suggestion.


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