Royal honey in uae

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    Royal Honey for Sex Delay 12 Sachets

    300.00 د.إ


    Treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

    Made of 100% pure royal honey

    Contain no artificial flavors, or artificial colors

    Increase the size, and duration of intercourse

    Boost stamina

    Maximize pleasure

    Intensify climax

    Extend the duration of intercourse

    Cause no side effects


    Please see a doctor before using this men’s enhancement product.

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    Royal Honey Vip 10g 12 Sachets

    160.00 د.إ


    _ Sexual Stimulant

    _ Endurance

    _ Confidence

    _ Hormonal Enhancement

    _ Boost immune system

    _ Relieve Fatigues

    _ Restore consciousness

    _ Improve performance

    _ Promote self-confidence

    _ Increase in sexual response

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