Night Beauty Vagina Tighten Stick

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    Fitting Insertions Vaginal Tighten 4tablets

    125.00 د.إ


    The benefits of using fitting Insertion Vagina Tighten Tablets are

    •    It is used for all kinds of Uterhra
    •    It controls the Leucorrhoea problem quickly
    •    It prevents vaginal infection and enhances sexual intercourse.
    •    It’s suitable for married women to tighten the Vagina
    •    Solving the vaginal issues and dryness
    •    In case of any allergic pain in the uteruses,  the vein insertion is best
    •    It makes you like a young girl.
    •    100% organic and natural
    •    No side effects
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    Night Beauty Vagina Tighten Stick In UAE

    175.00 د.إ

    Benefits: –

    _ Help slack vaginal contraction

    _ To prevent bacterial infection

    _ The elimination of bad secretions, and odors

    _ To help post-natal uterine contraction

    _ Accelerate the elimination of lochia

    _ Promote metabolism

    _ Preventive subsistence cross infection

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